CIEHF Guide and Webinar: Creating a Safe Workplace

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  • July 7, 2020
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On 10 June 2020 from 15:30 – 1630 GMT, the Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors will hold a web-based seminar on the Seven Key Steps to creating a safe workplace during and beyond the current pandemic.

Businesses are encouraged to consider the workplace as a whole system so that in mitigating a risk in one part of the work system, unintended consequences are not created in another.

From establishing a response team to encouraging behavioral change and implementing control measures, the presenters will talk participants through our new 32-page guide which outlines important steps to identify and reduce risks while maintaining performance and productivity.

The CIEHF’s CEO Noorzaman Rashid will be joined on this webinar by Kirsty Angerer and Ed Milnes, co-authors of the guide, to discuss the benefits of applying a human factors approach at this critical time.

Register here.

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